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Zucco is a leader in low rise foundations our turnkey solutions help builders get off the ground faster.


Zucco's experience in constructing flat, durable flooring warehousing, malls, plazas etc.


Zucco's experience in constructing flat, durable flooring for manufacturing industries is countless.


Zucco has a vast experience in forming and pouring curbs, gutters, sidewalks, bus pads etc.

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Basement Lowering Toronto

Basements can be the bane of the best-looking house: many basements are cramped, damp, and uncomfortable, causing homeowners to shy away from even letting guests near the area. With a basement lowering, you can start committing to revitalization and restructuring of your house’s least attractive area. We’ve lowered countless basements, and turned that “useless” space into a whole new room for people across Ontario.

Having your basement lowered can add value to your home, and provide you with a new and comfortable living space without needing to add any additions to the house. Basement lowering is the ultimate embodiment of “waste note, want not” – you’ll be taking an already existing room in your home and giving it value, rather than expanding your home and taking up additional space and resources.

Our team at Zucco Construction will work with the unique qualities of your basement, to ensure we pattern your basement lowering construction process to your individual needs and requirements.

Underpinning Toronto

One of the most common methods of basement lowering is known as underpinning. Underpinning utilizes space from the best area available to you, by digging deeper in to the ground and adding additional wall space to your pre-existing basement structure. Upon completion of this project, your basement will be a functional, beautiful space, ready to be utilized as effectively as any other room in your home.

Underpinning is a complicated process, and requires extensive work and planning, and yet it is the most effective way to expand your basement and provide additional space, both floor space and room height. Additionally, this sort of basement project will include waterproofing, to ensure that your new basement will not suffer from unsightly moisture and mold damage.

By having our skilled team perform your underpinning basement project, you can be assured you won’t need to bother with complicated zoning procedures that an addition to a house would require. Underpinning provides you with more room for less hassle, making it a win-win on all fronts.

Structural Work Toronto

When you choose a construction company to oversee and complete your excavation and formwork process, choose a team with credentials that shine and a lengthy record of experience in the field. Over the past five years, our company has excelled in the field time and time again, finding unique solutions to the toughest projects. Work with us, and you can be sure that the foundation of your new project will be strong.

Everything in life must start with a solid foundation, so the saying goes… but that saying was based off of the design and construction of buildings, where that saying could be no more apt. Every building must have the most solid foundation that can be mustered, and must be designed by skilled, experienced professionals – that’s where we come in.

Our team at Zucco Construction is dedicated to providing you with the foundation you need to have a successful construction experience, and ensure that your structure is solid and sturdy for years to come.

Slabs and Drains Toronto

Zuccos’s experience in constructing flat, durable flooring for the warehousing, production and manufacturing industries is countless. Each project is reviewed carefully to ensure that our materials and methods of construction are consistent with the goal of the owners satisfaction. Our client list includes warehousing facilities for Sears, Canadian Tire, The Brick, Adidas to name a few.

Zucco has experience designing concrete floor slabs has traditionally resembled a black art, in that designers rarely use the same methods, or arrive at the same results.

Steel fibre designs are much more refined. All the load conditions, from the quality of the granular base up through the spacing of the rack legs, base plate size and forklift wheel pressures must be analyzed in order to arrive at an optimal design to maximize performance and minimize the cost of each floor slab.

Our team at Zucco Construction has the manpower and experience required to execute your project.