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We Install Concrete Slabs Toronto

If you have made the decision to use concrete slabs for your home’s foundation in Toronto, you need to find the best construction company to work with on your project.

Zucco Construction is an experienced, reliable and well-equipped company that you can call for your construction needs.

If the geographic, climatic and soil conditions are right, then concrete slabs will offer long-term performance. We will ensure this by proper lot grading, ensuring proper site surface water drainage and installing a great landscaping plan.

Concrete slabs can be installed as either monolithic slabs with integral footing or slab on grade construction. The monolithic slab can be installed with integral footings, which are thickened areas of the slab under bearings and exterior perimeter walls. Slab on great construction is installed with perimeter masonry walls supported on spread footings, which are placed below the grade.

Strong Foundation of Concrete Slabs

A Strong Foundation
We are always careful to place the concrete slab on grade lots before the foundation construction starts. Grading the lot will keep the finished foundation strong against the earth moving equipment that is used to complete the site grading plan. The grading also drains surface water away from the walls and the slabs of the house. Water is important for mixing concrete but can cause a lot of damage to cured concrete slabs. Although it is not necessary, we highly recommend developing residential lots in conjunction with engineered site grading plans to ensure that the surface drainage is properly diverted away from the building.

We either can install the concrete slabs on undisturbed natural soil or engineered feels depending on the nature of the ground construction site. The construction features capillary breaks between the slab and the ground using gravel to protect it from moisture damage.

Why Zucco Construction?
When you leave it to the experts, concrete slabs can be built on grade over undisturbed soil with the right conditions, which saves you a lot of money on labor, excavation and forming costs. You can also be sure of an early project completion if everything goes well. Concrete slabs are also the best way to prevent pests and other vermin from getting under your home. Concrete slabs are also a great way to insulate the house and improve its energy efficiency. The slab makes the house closer to the ground so you only need one or two steps to the door, a great solution for those with disabilities.


Tim Bley

Best underpinning company in the Toronto metro area.

Karren West

Highly recommended, truly professional people, Good management and attention to detail.

Suzi Merraga

Hired Zucco for my second project in a row and all went smooth.

Antony Gramm

One of the best concrete contractors did 180 linear feet of benching in my house. Happy client.